Our value

Our values

At each of our branches we have decided to display NORMACHEM's essential tenets to remind us every day of our five fundamentals.

1. Expertise
We like the challenge of tackling new topics. We want to keep constantly and systematically up to date to increase our professional knowledge and to expand our services.

2. Growth
We invest and believe in human resources through training courses to increase technical and interpersonal skills. We spread out our physical presence with new operational branches so as to be closer to our customers.

3. Soundness
Planning the future to bring about certainty not only for our customers but also for all our stakeholders is essential: this is why we aim to be listed on the stock exchange.

4. Sharing
In all our projects we transmit all the knowledge we have acquired: this is because we are not possessive about our expertise, but rather we intend to transfer and create knowledge.

5. Ethics
Being authentic and respecting agreements made are rules set in stone for us. We strive for the success of every project and every agreement reached.

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