Unhealthy production activities

Insalubrious production activities are industrial or manufacturing activities that produce vapours, gases or other fumes that can be extremely harmful to human health and dangerous for the environment.

The regulations of reference are Royal Decree no. 773 of 18 June 1931, Royal Decree no. 1265 of 27 July 1934 and the Ministry of Health Decree dated 5 September 1994.

The authorisations that are established for being able to set up an insalubrious production activity are basically of two types: one related to the health sector in order to protect human health, and one related to environmental protection.

For this reason, an owner (or representative thereof) that intends to set up an industry included in the list of insalubrious industries contained in the Ministerial Decree dated 5 September 1994 must declare, by preparing a self-issued certificate, the respective classification directly in the Certified Activity Commencement Report (SCIA): once this declaration has been made, it will be possible for the respective local authorities to carry out the related checks.

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