Obligation to notify hazardous mixtures also for GB-CLP

UFI notifications for UK too?

Rumours from UK are insisting that Annex VIII notifications of the CLP Reg., better known as UFI/PCN notifications, will be mandatory in UK too.

It seems that for all hazardous mixtures placed on the UK market from 1st January 2021, it is mandatory to submit PCN notifications in a harmonised format. This deadline affects all hazardous mixtures intended for consumer and/or professional use, and it is also required UFI code on the label.

It is not sure yet but, as in EU-CLP, importers and users with a legal entity established in the UK territory will have to submit notifications in harmonised format. Moreover, where a notification has already been issued in Northern Ireland, this will be considered valid if, with the same composition, the product is also placed on the UK market.

Probably the notification will be made by IUCLID and sent by e-mail, but neither this information is sure yet.

The news is unofficial, so official updates are awaited, in particular for notification’s method.

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