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Draft of an EU Delegated Regulation - probably future XVIII ATP of CLP Reg.

Notification of a draft EU Delegated Regulation that is probably going to be the 18th ATP (adaptation to technical progress) of Reg. (EC) 1272/2008 (CLP)

The European Commission has submitted to the WTO (World Trade Organization) the draft of an EU Commission Delegated Regulation amending the CLP Regulation, which will probably constitute the 18th Adaptation to Technical Progress (ATP).

We remind you that ATP publications introduce important changes in the CLP Regulation concerning classification and labelling.

Even if it is not an official document, the consultation of the draft allows to catch some changes that will probably appear in the future regulation.


The draft will take into account changes only to Annex VI of CLP Regulation (harmonized classifications), among which we point out:

- The introduction of new substances and their hazard classifications:

  • dibutyltin bis(2- ethylhexanoate) and dibutyltin di(acetate): Muta. 2 H341, Repr. 1B H360FD, STOT RE 1 H372 (immune system);
  • tellurium e tellurium dioxide: Repr. 1B H360Df, Lact. H362;
  • Propylbenzene: Flam. Liq. 3 H226, Asp. Tox. 1 H304, STOT SE 3 H335, Aquatic Chronic 2 H411;
  • 4,4’- sulphonyldiphenol; bisphenol S : Repr. 1B H360FD;
  • benzophenone: Carc. 1B H350;
  • Perfluoroheptanoic acid: Repr. 1B H360D, STOT RE 1 H372 (liver);
  • theophylline: Repr. 1B H360D
    • melamine: Carc. 2 H351, STOT RE 2 H373 (urinary tract);

- changes to already existing classification headings (changes are marked in bold style):

  • trichlorosilane: Flam. Liq. 1 H224, Water-React. 1 H260, Acute Tox. 3 H331 (ATE 7,6 mg/L – vapours), Acute Tox. 4 H302 (ATE 1000 mg/kg bw), Skin Corr. 1A H314, Eye Dam. 1 H318, EUH014, EUH029, EUH071
  • cumene: Flam. Liq. 3 H226, Carc. 1B H350, Asp. Tox. 1 H304, STOT SE 3 H335, Aquatic Chronic 2 H411
  • 2-butoxyethanol: Acute Tox. 3 H331 (ATE = 3 mg/L – vapori), Acute Tox. 4 H302 (ATE = 1200 mg/kg bw), Skin Irrit. 2 H315, Eye Irrit. 2 H319
  • 2-(2 methoxyethoxy) ethanol: Repr. 1B H360D (SCL >3%)
  • bisphenol A: Repr. 1B H360F, STOT SE 3 H335, Eye Dam. 1 H318, Skin Sens. 1 H317, Aquatic Acute 1 H400 (M=1), Aquatic Chronic 1 H410 (M=10)


This regulation is expected to be pubblished in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Source: European Commission (1 and 2)

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