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The European Commission published a new Chemical Strategy for Sustainability

This strategy is based upon a hierarchic approach that have roots in “Safe and sustainable-by-design chemicals”

Thanks to the new Chemical strategy for Sustainability, consistent with the European Green Deal, the European Commission strives for a toxic-free environment, where chemicals are produced and used in order to maximise their contribution to society and, at the same time, to achieve the green and digital transition, avoiding harm to the planet and to current and future generation.

Strategy is based upon a hierarchic approach that have roots in “Safe and sustainable-by-design chemicals”. That implies a particular attention, starting from the substance design and development phases, on the consequences on human health and on the environment due to substance use .

The second step of the strategy is the control and the reduction of human and environment exposure to hazardous substances, through risk management measures and full information to user of chemicals. Relating to this, some of the relevant news are provided below:

  • the reduction of some occupational exposure limits;
  • the inclusion of new hazard classes in Reg. (EC) 1272/2008 -CLP-, including endocrine disruptors and PBT/ vPvB substances;
  • the extension of restrictions on carcinogens, mutagens and reprotoxic agents to professional users.

These actions are intended to achieve the gradual elimination of substances of concern as far as possible and to promote circular economy, new waste management technologies and decontamination solution to restore human health and environment to a good quality status.

The document counts above fifty strategic actions that the EuropeanXintends to take between 2020 and 2024 and which will have a strong impact on industries. So, it is recommended to stay up to the date on the development and application of the new strategy.



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