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Proposal for "Short-form warning" amendment in the field of Proposition 65

The OEHHA has published a new revised proposal to change the way companies can use the abbreviated form in the Prop 65 warning

One year after the first proposal, the Californian OEHHA (Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment) published a modified proposal about changing the use of the "short-form" in the Prop 65 warning.

The new revision considers several of the requests made by interested parties, including the use of the "short-form" on packaging of any size and shape.

Moreover, the warning’s font size has not to be as big as the larger typeface on the label, which makes up other information for consumers.

In addition it is planned a two-years transitional period so the companies can adapt to the new indications, rather than a single year as previously envisaged. This period is also useful for modifying the current form of the warning "[... the product] exposes you to" with the formula "can expose you to".

Despite these concessions, the OEHHA still requests that the name of at least one of the substances (for the warning) it’s included, even in the reduced form warnings. Report the identification of the carcinogenic or toxic for reproduction substance on the label would reduce the possibility of placing warnings indiscriminately or as a precaution and would allow the consumer a conscious choice of purchase.

This decision would allow to maintain flexibility in the use of the warning short form while but would grant still the same quality of information of an extended warning.

After the publication of the proposal on 5 April, 15 days of consultation had been planned to guarantee the interested parties to be able to present their comments and opinions on the new proposal.

Source: OEHHA

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