Product Stewardship

Draft of New substances proposed as POPs

Proposals for new additions to the Stockholm Convention’s Annexes

ECHA reported two proposals, from Canada and the UK, to include the following substances on the Stockholm Convention’s Annexes on Persistent Organic Pollutants.

Functional groups involved are:

  • Long-chain perfluorocarboxylic acids, their salts and related compounds (PFCAs);
  • Chlorinated paraffins (C14-17) at chlorination levels of 45 % or more by weight of chlorine (MCCPs).

Europe too submitted a proposal to the Stockholm Convention’s Secretariat to include chlorpyrifos (EC 220-864-4, CAS 2921-88-2). In Europe it has not been approved and no longer used as active biocide and phytosanitary, but chlorpyrifos is used as pesticide in several countries. Due to its long-range environmental propagation properties, for the European Commission it was necessary to propose an international regulatory action.

All proposals will be examined by the Organic Pollutants Review Committee in January 2022.

Chlorpyrifos is no longer used in the EU, but the inclusion of Pfcas and Mccps to the Convention’s Annexes could have a strong impact on product compliance. We recommend you to keep tracked substances’ regulatory status, so you’ll not be unprepared.

Source: ECHA (12, and 3)

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