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Already over 50 000 notifications submitted to SCIP Database

One month after official launch of the SCIP database, more than 50,000 notifications have already been submitted

One month after launch of the SCIP database, 52,676 notifications have already been sent and ECHA wants to congratulate companies on this important step towards product compliance and transparency in sharing information on the content of Substances of Very High Concern.

Data show that 93% of the notifications have passed the validation step and the remaining 7% have been "rejected" to prevent the submission of the same notification twice by the same company and submissions by non-EU companies.

The SCIP team also provides some advice in order to submit a correct notification:

  • including a maximum of 1,000 components within one dossier, in order to ensure that waste operators and consumers can easily understand the information. If necessary, split up big dossiers by notifying the larger components separately and then reference them in the top-level complex object;
  • make sure only report components containing Candidate List substances;
  • include a clear and understandable identification of your articles and products to make the information useful for the database’s users;
  • avoid redundant layers of components and sub-components. A very complex hierarchy does not necessarily bring any benefit in identifying the article containing the Candidate List substance within the complex object;
  • avoid duplication using the option to refer to data already submitted by other suppliers (“referencing”);
  • use the option to group similar articles, “grouping”.

Finally, the Agency recommends submitting only complete dossiers that have passed the validation process and that contain truthful information; indeed, sending a notification with incorrect or partial information, will not guarantee compliance with the obligation.

Despite the necessary improvements, SCIP Database is a great step towards greater awareness of the products circulating on the European market and towards achieving a circular economy free of toxic substances to human health and the environment.


References: ECHA

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