Product Stewardship

Proposals to identify new substances of very high concern (SVHCs)

ECHA proposes four news substances as SVHCs

Last September 3rd it has been published four news proposals, from Denmark, Belgium and Austria to identify new SVHCs Substances:


N. CAS / N. EC

Reason for proposing

Common use

(±)-1,7,7-trimethyl-3-[(4-methylphenyl) methylene]bicyclo[2.2.1]heptan-2-one covering any of the individual isomers and/or combinations thereof (4-MBC)


Endocrine disrupting properties 


UV filter in cosmetic and personal care products

6,6'-di-tert-butyl-2,2'-methylenedi-p-cresol (DBMC)

119-47-1 / 204-327-1

Toxic for Reproduction


Antioxidant and stabilizing agent in polymer industry, used in lubricants, adhesives, sealants...

S-(tricyclo['2,6]deca-3-en-8(or 9)-yl) O-(isopropyl or isobutyl or 2-ethylhexyl) O-(isopropyl or isobutyl or 2-ethylhexyl) phosphorodithioate

255881-94-8 / 401-850-9

Persistent, Bioaccumulative, Toxic (PBT)

Industrial greases and lubricants’ formulation

tris(2-methoxyethoxy) vinylsilane

1067-53-4 / 213-934-0

Toxic for Reproduction

Production of polymeric materials, as a component of solutions for surface treatment of non-metals and in dispersions and sealants.


As the proposal was released, public consultations were opened so interested parties could submit their comments, by 18 October, on SVHCs identification, their uses, exposure, associated risks and any existing alternatives.

Please note that the identification of a substance as SVHC leads to its inclusion in the Candidate List and its possible inclusion in Annex XIV, the authorization list.

Suppliers of articles containing a Candidate List substance in concentration higher than 0.1% by weight must declare it according to Article 33 of the Regulation and, from January 5, submit the SCIP notification.

It is only the beginning of the evaluation process, but because of the strong impacts of these substances’ management, we suggest staying updated on their regulatory status.

Source: ECHA

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