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Alert - SCIP notification: ready to start without postponement

ECHA informs that SCIP Database is fully operational from 28 October 2020. The European Commission says the obligation will apply regularly from 5 January 2021

ECHA announces that today, 28 October 2020, SCIP Database is fully operational. European suppliers of articles can now submit their notifications according to Directive (EU) 2018/851 for articles containing Candidate List substances >0.1 % w/w.     

With the “Prototype Version” IUCLID Cloud available on ECHA Submission Portal, it was possible to get familiar with data uploading, management and submission of SCIP notifications. However notifications submitted via the prototype have not been considered by ECHA during these months: ECHA wanted in fact companies to become aware of the system functionalities. However from today SCIP Database is fully operational and notifications submitted will be considered and data officially managed by ECHA.

SCIP Database (Substances of Concern In articles as such or in complex objects - Products) was created by ECHA in accordance with the new Directive (EU) 2018/851 obligation (amending European Waste Framework Directive) which introduces for articles suppliers an extension of the communication duty according to art. 33.1 of REACH Regulation. All suppliers of articles containing one or more Candidate List substances each above 0.1 % w/w must inform the recipient about the presence of these substances in their products and provide safe use information, but also they have now to submit to ECHA these data and some further details through the SCIP Database.  

The SCIP notification requirement applies from 5 January 2021: from that date onward every article put on the market by B2B suppliers must be properly notified before being supplied to the recipient. The European industry has discussed with ECHA many critical issues about complying with this obligation and has submitted to the European Commission a request for a postponement of the deadline. However the request (signed by 40 European industry association) was rejected by the Commission, that instead confirmed the legal applicability of the SCIP notification requirement from 5 January 2021.



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