Risk Assessment

Assessing risk means ensuring the safety and health of workers in order to prevent accidents and occupational diseases due to chemical agents. Dangerous chemical agent means any substance present in the workplace that has the potential to cause harm (danger).

The risk assessment process pursuant to Legislative Decree 81/2008 considers the heath related hazard (occupational disease) but also that relating to safety (accident). The main errors found in the chemical risk assessments are:

  • the failure to consider all dangerous chemical agents;
  • the failure to update the risk assessment with the hazards pursuant to the CLP Regulation;
  • the failure to verify the possibility of undertaking a specific use on the basis of the exposure scenarios annexed to the safety datasheets;
  • using risk assessment models in the wrong way;
  • failure to evaluate the chemical risk for safety;
  • classifying the risk as irrelevant for health and low for safety when it is not reasonable to do so;
  • failure to expose assessments in accordance with the UNI EN 689 standard;
  • determining prevention and protection measures based on the assessments made.

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